Favourites: Beauty edition

I am a massive make-up and cosmetic products nerd… I’m constantly buying and trying out new things but just like any girl really, I have my old reliables… my favourites. This blog post is a quick run through all my favourite products. Enjoy Kx 🙂

1)  Simple Kind To Skin: Cleansing facial wipes. These are actually my number 1 favourite of all time. I have reeeally sensitive skin so sometimes certain wipes can either cause breakouts or dry my skin out… these wipes do neither. In general, I use practically all Simple products when it comes to skincare cause I know I can trust them not to mess my skin up. These wipes in particular clean off all your make-up will giving your face an overall cleanse. I usually follow with Simple’s: Spotless Skin: Anti-blemish moisturiser. 

2) Dove: Silky nourishment body cream: I’ve actually tried so many body moisturisers and body butters but I ALWAYS come back to this particular product. Dries in really fast and keeps my skin moisturised and soft all day. I usually apply this straight after a shower/bath or just before I go to bed.

3) Aussie: Take the Heat: Leave-in Spray: This is basically a conditioner that you leave in your hair without washing out. Keeps your hair from tangling and drying out and protects your hair from heat damage from blowdrying/straightening and curling.  Just spray throughout towel dried hair before you use any styling appliances. Smells great as well! 🙂

4) Garnier: Soft Essentials: Soothing toner: For years I never really used any toner at all, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become better at staying loyal to the traditional: cleanse, tone and moisturise routine so I decided to try out a few toners. What I found was that a lot of toners were too harsh on my skin and left it feeling kind of tight and dry. Garnier’s toner however is designed to suit sensitive skin, it’s really light and it actually does what it says on the label. Left my skin feeling soft and after a pro-longed use, i began to see that my skin tone had evened out.

5) TRESemme: Salon Finish: Firm hold hairspray: I have the most ridiculous “fly-away” hair on the universe but even a few spritz of this hairspray and my hair stays in place for the majority of the day. I have this in the 500ml bottle but you can also get smaller bottles to carry in your handbag.

6) Dove: Beauty Finish deodrant: Ok, so I realize that this product is relatively new but it has quickly become a favourite. It keeps you sweat mark free, white-mark free and odour-free ALL day. And after using it for about a week it leaves your underarms looking smoother, softer and evens out your skin tone.  

7) Sally Hansen: Airbrush Legs: This product has been ranted and raved about in about a bazillion beauty blogs worldwide… and for good reason. This is the only tan I use and will ever use. It is primarily intended for use on your legs but I use it everywhere! It applies insanely easy. It doesn’t streak and most importantly it washes off easily. Shade wise, I’m quite pale but for a night out I go for the “medium glow” shade. however if you are pale and are using it for just everyday wear I’d go for the light glow. Great bonus feature about this product is that it leaves almost a shimmery glow on the skin so looks great for a night out.

8) Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush: Anyone that’s ever been to a music festival will most likely be BFF’s with this product. But for any Batiste virgins out there this is basically a spray in shampoo that you can just spray into dry hair and it will soak up any grease and leave your hair looking and feeling instantly fresher. It’s a really great product for the summer or carrying in your handbag to freshen up during a night out. I use this product in “Blush” as it has an added floral scent but you can also get this product in original which has a light scent.

9) D&G No.3: L’IMPERATRICE perfume: ANYBODY that knows me or has ever been anywhere in smelling range will know that this perfume is my life. Since i was young i always wanted to find MY scent.. like a signature scent and I’ve found it. I literally feel naked without this. Wear it absolutely every day.Sounds so stupid but I don’t even know how to describe the scent.. its just amazing. So if you haven’t already tried it GO NOW and get a sample at least.

10) Models Own Nail Art pen (in Black): I’ve had a sick nail-polish addiction ever since I was a wee one.. and when I found this product on Asos a few weeks back i had butterflies. It’s actually one of the coolest things I’ve ever bought. You can use it to draw designs on your nails. What I usually do is paint my nails in my chosen colour and then either draw little polka dots or stripes across the nail. Dries really quickly and the needle is super thin so you can really draw anything you desire. I’m gonna do a seperate blog post on this product later on and post some pics of some designs I’ve done using it.

11) Soap & Glory: Heel Genius: Foot cream: You will literally never find another foot/heel cream as good as this. It’s super enriching and moisturising even on the hardest of skin. It smells amazing and dries in so so quick. I am in love with all Soap & Glory products but this is a favourite in particular. Use after a shower or bath or after ex foliating your feet with a Ped-egg or foot-buffer.A handy trick is to lather your feet in this cream and then pop on some light cotton socks and wear overnight.  You will wake up with new feet..seriously!!!

12) St.Ives Apricot Scrub: This scrub is intended for your face but I use it on my body as I find it to be a little too harsh on my face. This works great as an overall exfoliator  and leaves my skin feeling really really smooth. I use this straight away in the shower before I shave. Apply it to a loofah or shower poof and scrub gently all over. 

13) Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation (in Creamy Ivory): I have a pretty extensive collection of various different brands of foundation.. Over the years I’ve swapped to different types/shades/textures etc. This foundation is perfect for my skin though. I hate the look of heavy make-up and this foundation blends in so well that it actually doesnt look like it’s on at all. You can layer it up as much as you want depending on the level of coverage you are looking for.

14) Maybelline: The Falsies Volume Express Mascara: Best mascara in the world. Fact. This is a really jet black shade so makes your eyelashes look long, thick and dark. If you havent tried it already go now!!!

15) Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment under-eye concealer: I’ve been using this concealer for just under a year now and I honestly dont know how I lived without it. It gets rid of any dark circles and acts as a perfect base for eyeliner or eyeshadow. Its also not to heavy and blends really well with your foundation.

16) Benefit’s Erase Paste: Just a teeny warning: this product is actually on the pricey side..retailing for about 25 yo yos but guys it is so so so so worth it. It’s the best concealer I have ever used in my whole life. Best coverage and the shades blend into your skin so well. I also find that they leave my skin looking really smooth wherever it is applied. It comes in what looks like a minuscule tub but it will honestly last you for a long time. Well worth the splurge.

17) Essence Liquid Eyeliner: This is such a beauty steal. Its insanely cheap ( think its about 2.50) and it actually is one of the best liquid eyeliners that I’ve tried. Goes on with a thin brush and is really easy to apply. Everybody needs this in their make-up bag.

18) Benefit’s Posie Tint: I’ve only recently began to use this product and I’ve fallen in love. Its a cheek and lip tint in a very light pinky shade. You just had a few strokes of this tint to your lips and your cheeks and rub in. It will stain your lips a very light pink glowy colour and the best thing is that it stays on for aaaages. Great two in one product.. really handy for any make-up bag.

19) Gosh Velvet touch foundation primer: Softest primer in the world.. dries in quickly and just creates a soft smooth canvas before you apply your foundation and concealer. It also helps to keep your make-up staying on longer. its a great investment as the one 30ml will last you AT lEAST a year.

20) Red Lipstick: Anybody that knows me will know that red lipstick is my trademark look. I use a varied collection of red lipsticks. My old reliable is the gosh range but recently I’ve been using Rimmel’s one in Diva Red. Most important thing when choosing a red lipstick is to make sure you pick the right shade for your skin tone.

21) Lip Balm: Everybody should have some sort of lip balm on their person at all times and apply it generously throughout the day (especially in the winter). I tend to always have the old reliable Vaseline lying around but as an extra treat I also have Burt’s Bees lip balm in Mint and Carmex in Cherry.

22) Soap & Glory’s Hand Food: I think this product has given me some sort of OCD about applying hand cream. I carry a small little container of this everywhere I go and I’m constantly applying it. I’m addicted to the smell and It leaves your hands crazily soft. Nom!!


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