Introducing Sleeping Bootay

Hey, this is just a quick introductory post to just say hey and explain about what this blog is gonna be used for. Basically it’s gonna be a mixed fashion and beauty blog… I’m hoping to do reviews and general posts about different products that I’ve tried and tested. I also intend on posting some video blog (tied in with my YouTube account) where I’ll do fashion hauls/monthly favourites etc. I’m a newbie to this whole blogging thing but I’ve always wanted to give it a real go. Really hope you enjoy it, please let your friends know and of course let me know your opinion/suggestions.

Here are some links to my other sites if you’re interested in checking them out:





…so add/subscribe/tweet/follow me please! 🙂





Published by A Tiny Slice Of Kate

Writer. Reader. Caffeine Addict.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Sleeping Bootay

  1. WELCOME to the blogging world! I absolutely love beauty bloggers out there because they are so supporitive! I look forward to keeping up with your posts and thank you so much for subscribing to my blog xox Leah

    1. Thank you so much. Was nervous starting out cause I wasn’t sure if anybody would even be interested. Would love if you could subscribe and spread the word. Love your blog by the way, keep up the good work! 🙂 x

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