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Okay so I realize how lame I have been recently with updating this blog, been working pretty much working all the time recently and before that I was away for a week so I honestly just haven’t had the time. Today, I’m having THE ultimate lazy day so I thought I’d do a few posts. I am in the progress of prepping some review posts as I’ve been trying out some new products in the past month so they should be ready in the next week or so. This blog is just a common blog that alot of bloggers/youtubers seem to be doing but it seems like fun so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s basically just some questions around the subject of fashion and beauty, so I’m gonna get straight into it..

*How would you describe your style? God, y’know what I actually haven’t got a clue. I don’t really have a particular style. I’ve gone through all the phases of following a particular phase. Ive done the emo thing… I REEAALLY did the emo thing actually ha. I did the hippy/boho thing. I think now though I’m just a mixture of everything. I love leopard print, floral prints. The little emo in me still loves skull patterns. I just love quirky clothes. I wear ALOT of black? I dunno if thats a particular style? I’m not really into follow any particular trends but if a trend comes along that I like I will pick and choose pieces from it and then kinda incorporate them into my outfits. I like putting my own spin on trends.

*What are you wardrobe staples? Hmmm… I guess my low-top black converse,pair of plain pumps in a nude or black colour, a pair of skinny jeans, black vest tops, pair of black opaque tights, I’m obsessed with sheer shirts at the moment so those in a few colours, denim shorts, black (or any colour really) body con skirt, skinny waist belt and then a leather jacket. Those are my staples and then I usually build on those with accessories etc.

*Most wanted item? The list for this question would be insanely long if I even attempted to name everything. But I guess designer wise I’ve always wanted a Chanel bag, I think having one would make me stupidly happy. There’s a ring by Alexander McQueen that I’ve been creeping on recently that I’m probably never going to own. Then high-street wise, I’m on the search for the perfect playsuit, I would kinda like a black one that I can either style up or down, I also want a pair of leopard print low-top converse. I also want another pair of black skinny jeans but I haven’t found the perfect pair yet cause I’m insanely fussy when it comes to jeans.  I’m just gonna stop here cause otherwise I’m just gonna get carried away.

*Favorite designer?Wow.. that is so tricky. Its hard to pinpoint just one. I think the obvious answer would be Chanel. Everything is just so classically stylish and flawless. I love Alexander McQueen especially his accessories. Em Dolce and Gabbana makes me drool, im particulary in love with a certain gold watch that I will probably never be able to afford. And then obviously I love Pauls Boutique. Its actually so annoying how popular he’s gotten in the last few months. I remember about 5 years ago, I purchased my first item of his in the massive Topshop in London and ever since then I’ve adored him. I got my first bag of his at Christmas and the purse im using now is by him. But now i just see so many scangers and chivvy annoyin girls walking around with them and just.. ugh

*How much do you spend on clothes? The easy answer to this is just to say that i spend waaaaay too much. I’m finished college now and what I should be doing is saving up for grown up things but naaaah I keep repeatedly blowing all my wages as soon as I get them. I think getting a Laser card has been both the best and worst thing that has happened to me. I thought that once I moved away from Dublin for the summer that I wouldnt buy as much but I’ve found ways, I’ve turned to online shopping as a substitute :/

*What are your favorite places to shop?? Emm Topshop is my all time favourite. If i won the lotto id probably blow a huge proportion of it and buy absolutely everything in the shop. I also love Urban Outfitters even thought their prices make me want to cry. H&M is probably the shop that most of my clothes have come from. They are such a good ol’ reliable and I know that whenever my friends and I were looking for an outfit for a particular event, H&m is our old reliable. Obviously cant go without mentioning Pennys. Pennys, in the last year and a bit has gotten amazing. Its clothing is so up to  date on trends and ah i just love it. I love their bags and jewellery as well. Schuh is my favourite place to buy shoes, their heels are amazing and I like to spend loadsa time just walking around the shop like a massive creep.

*Favorite fragrance?ANYBODY that knows me or has ever been anywhere in smelling facilty will know that its D&G no.3… since i was young i always wanted to find MY scent.. like a signature scent and I’ve found it. Its amazing. I always love Sarah Jessica parker’s range Lovely and NYC.  And recently I’ve bought myself DKNY’s scent Be Delicious… I used to spray this all over myself anytime I went to a pharmacy or department store that sold it, so I bought it a few weeks back cause it was half price in a local chemist. Really chuffed with it..for anyone that isnt familiar with it, it smells really yummy and applely..nom.

*Whats your favorite way to do your hair? I’m awful when it comes to my hair. I’m really boring and just tend to kind of leave it down and either straighten it or leave it natural which is pretty curly. On occasion I’ll tie it up in a high knot or bun and sometimes I tie it in a plait to the side.

*What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?  Em for daytime it would probably be either my skinny jeans and a sheer shirt or a body con skirt and vest top and cardigan. My go to shoes are either my converse, military boots or some plain pumps. And then I usually dress these outfits up with ALOT of jewellery, i’m obessed with jewellery.

* What would you choose to do – buy something in high quality or make it your self if you can? I actually pick both. In an ideal world obvious id love to be able to go out and buy tons of high end items.. but realistically its just not gonna happen. I love seeking out cheap bargains and as i said earlier places like Pennys is ultra cheap and still very much on trend. I love altering clothes that i already have.. sprucing them up.. maybe adding extra buttons.. chopping things up.. making them more me. Actually on the look out for a new sewing machine so i can start properly making my own things.

*Who/what inspires your fashion? Absolutely everything and anyone. I get ideas from magazines/tv programmes/ randomers on the street/.friends/fashion blogs/videos

Favorite: jeans, sunglasses, heels? My favourite jeans used to be my Black skinny drain pipe jeans from Stradvarius but they are just destroyed now from me wearing them the ENTIRE time. So now my favourite are my Topshop skinny jeans. I love Topshop’s jeans.. always fit really nice. Actually hate buying jeans. I’ve a really annoying figure for jeans. My ass just doesn’t want to fit in anything. My favourite sunglasses? My favourite that I own would be my imitation Avaitor ones that I bought in Bershka about 3years ago and have still managed not to break by some miracle. I also own a few pairs of cheapo Penny’s sunglasses which I think are actually amazing. They look great. Only downside is that they actually break real easy. I think the most wanted item on my wish list though would be Ray-ban wayfayers … I want a pair ssssoooo badly.  Favourite heels? Em i think probably my kinda black cloggy studded platforms that I bought on sale in Schuh about 2 years ago. I’ve been told they look like hooker-esque shoes.. but meh.. i love them ha.

Okay, so that’s it for the Q&A, I really hope that you liked it and that it wasn’t too boring. As I said, I’m in the progress of getting some new posts ready. Hoping to get my Lush Review up in the next few days. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for posts. Still really new to all this so I would love any help that I can get. 🙂 Thanks again! Kx

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    1. Thank so so so much! So happy to hear that! Still really new at this so just doing general posts at the moment, hoping to do more specific posts in the future and incorporate in some fashion. Love your blog too and looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂 x

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