Barry M Nails it!

Hey guys,

Before I start this post properly I just want to say (go on a slight diversion from the actual topic):

I was sitting chilling last night in bed, thinking about this blog, reading all your previous comments and I just want to say a huge thank you to every single person who has read my blog or commented or followed me so far! I didn’t start this blog just to count up how many views I could muster up in a day, I started it pretty much as a hobby. It gives me something to do to unwind after work and also gives me the chance to talk about the things that I bore my friends and family with all too often. So I just really want to say thank you, I’m so grateful and every single comment I receive genuinely makes me smile. I’m going to make a huge effort to blog a lot more often now in the future so watch this space:)

Aw shucks YOU guys! Thanks so much for following me *cheesy grin and hands*

RANT OVER! (yaaaaaaaaay?)

So yes, this post is going to be a somewhat of a small review of selected Barry M nail polishes. Really it’s going to be my favourites at the moment! Over the past few years I’ve accumulated quite an extensive collection of nail varnishes but the Barry M ones really dominate. In my opinion, when it comes to nail polish… Barry M truly does NAIL it! (see, now you get the title!) Not only are the colours super pigmented but they are relatively cheap too. The price pretty much varies but they tend to range from around 3.50-6.00 yo yos. You can buy them in plenty of pharmacies around Ireland, selected Boots stores and (where I personally get the majority of mine). Watch out for them on in particular by the way, as they often have really good deals on Barry M products.

A swatch of the colours... because I like the word swatch

When I sat down to do this post, I had great difficulty in selecting my favourites, but I think I’ve found the ones that I find that I wear the most and seem to grab for on a daily basis. (I’ve listed them in order below in coordination with the swatch above- cause I’m helpful like that!)

Mint Green- actually spot on for this years spring pastel shades. Would look good with white or pastel pink and looks even better against a nice summer glow.

Mint Green

Dusky Mauve-  I admit it looks a tad bit odd.. kind of a browny colour on first glance but turns purple when the light hits it..ooooh!

Dusky Mauve

Raspberry- This was huge for autumn/winter last year, but I still love it. Goes with pretty much everything and one of my favourite colours in general.


Black magic (in the Instant Nail Effects range)- not technically a colour but still one of my favs. Creates a  cool crackle effect over another nail polish and works best over bright colours.

Black Magic

Bright Pink- because every girl needs a pink nail polish and I think this is the perfect shade. Like the Mint Green, it too is perfect for SS12.

Bright Pink

Red Glitter-  Perhaps not the most imaginative name in the whole world but this was my go-to christmas shade last year. So festive and fun. Perfect for a night out or when you’re feeling generally saucy! Ooo-er

Red Glitter

Well that’s it guys, hope you enjoyed this even though it was short (and hopefully sweet). I wanted to do a nail related post as I haven’t done one before and Barry M nail polishes seemed to be the perfect one to start with, really recommend these polishes so if you’re on the search for any new colours, give these ones a good creeping on! Oh and btw, I’m in the middle of planning a Model’s Own Nail Art Pen post so watch out for that.

Until next time, keep the suggestions and comments coming, thaaaaanks and bye ! Kx 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Barry M Nails it!

  1. Red Glitter is a firm favourite in my nail basket – although it does have a bad habit of eating cotton wool when it’s time for a colour change!

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