Monday Product Wars (Raaaawwwr) #2 Hand Creams!

Hey guys,

It’s that time again.. yes… It’s a Monday… (boooo) but cheer up.. I have another Product Wars for you and this week I’ve been contemplating my favourite hand creams. This week however I’ve been super organised and I’ve already picked my top 3 in advance so that I can talk a bit more about them to you.

Before the rambling starts I’m going to get RIGHT into it so this weeks winners are:

At Number 1: Soap & Glory’s Hand Food, this is by far my most favourite hand cream in the whole wide world. It is actually amazing. It’s states that it is hand food.. and my gosh it really is.. my hand actually devours it, it’s THAT good. For all of you that are familiar with Soap & Glory products, you’ll all know how amazing their products smell.. and this one is no different, I love having it on my hands… it comes out not too greasy but super super moisturising AND it doesn’t take a million years to sink in. It’s so great. I have both the full-sized ( ml) and the little mini handbag sized tube ( ml) and it goes everywhere with me. (FUN FACT: I just applied some now.. and NOM… moisturised hands= happy typing hands! ;)… wow that was a little strange)…

At Number Two:ย Dove “Intensive Nourishment hand cream”: This is another hand cream which is a lovely treat for not only your hands but for your nose too.This cream smells just like most Dove products, nice and fresh and not too offensive which is a good combination for something that is going to be on your hands for quite some time. This hand cream contains a “Cream Oil formula” which is specially designed for extra dry hands. This is the SOS for your hands if there ever was one. Because of this “Cream Oil” ingredient you need to be aware that your hands do feel slightly oily and greasy for the first 10mins ish after application but once the cream has properly sunk in you’re good to go. I usually apply this during or after work when my hands have nearly given up on life and they honestly instantly feel better.

At Number Three:ย Vaseline “Healthy Hand & Nail: Good ol’ reliable Vaseline strikes again… it really can do no wrong. This is another really great moisturiser. Now the packaging may not be the prettiest and it has a pretty blaaah smell BUT boy does it do the job well. After a few applications of this bad boy, and your hands are completely soft and radiant. This is perhaps the most moisturising of the three. I tend to keep this one by my bed and use it at night as more of an intensive moisturising and because it takes longer to sink in than the others. The tube is actually pretty big which is great cause you get lots of product and value for your money but it isn’t the most convenient hand cream to just pop in your bag.One of my favourite things about this hand cream is that it not only looks after the skin on your hands.. but also your nails too! It promises to strengthen your nails up to 50%. I haven’t used this cream consistently enough to see these results as I like to alternate between these 3 hand creams so if any of you have used this hand cream constantly and have seen a noticable change to the strength of your nails.. pleeeease let me know.. cause I’m curious!

(Teeeeeny disclaimer: All these photos have been yoinked from Google cause I annoyingly cannot find my camera… Grrrrr… hope the quality is okay for you though!)

All these hand creams can be purchased in the majority of Boots, most pharmacies and selected supermarkets, and they are all very purse-friendly! Yaaaaaay ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and just a little hint into my next post: I will be reviewing a new exciting hand cream that was kindly sent to me a few days ago… who knows… it could knock Soap & Glory off it’s Number One high horse yet! So watch this space for that review.. coming up real real soon.

As always please keep the comments and ideas coming in. I would absolutely love if any of you had any suggestions as to what kind of post you would like me to do next … or of any products you’d like me to review etc. I’m planning on doing a Giveaway when I reach 200 followers.. so spread the word peeps!

Aaaaand lastly thanks again for reading, until next time, Byyyyyeeeee Kx ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Monday Product Wars (Raaaawwwr) #2 Hand Creams!

  1. Ohh I love #1, actually I love almost everything from soap&glory..! But my HG hand cream is l’occitane’s …in an assortment of scents.. Love it because it absorbs fast leaving no oily residue

    1. oooh thanks I must give that a try! I love hand creams so much and I’m always on the hunt for new ones! Thanks for reading and commenting btw! ๐Ÿ™‚

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