Avene “Cold Cream” Hand cream Review! Oooh-eerr!

Hey Guys!

Like I mentioned in my two previous posts, I have a very special review for you today. I was very lucky to be sent the new Avene “Cold Cream” to try out and review for this blog. Avene has always been one of those brands that I lust over when I’m in pharmacies. It’s simply just one of those luxury brands that you just wish you could have one of everything! I’ve always been a huge fan of their body moisturisers (as  they are so suitable for sensitive skin) so you can imagine how delighted I was when I was kindly sent their hand cream to review!!

The Amazing "Avene Cold Cream Hand cream" and loook it matches my nailpolish! 😉

I’ve been using this hand cream for nearly two weeks now.. and I honestly adore it. It’s so good that when I did out my little “pros and cons list (which I do before I review any product) I actually had nothing to put on the “cons” side! :O The “pros” side however is endless!

  • It is long-lasting and I found that it was quickly restored into the skin ( so there’s no unnecessary hanging around)
  • It locks in moisture but without that yucky greasy feeling ( a huge bonus in my books)
  • It also cares for your nails keeping the cuticles nicely moist preventing any inflammation or dry skin.
  • It’s size is handbag/pocket friendly so you can take it with you on the go.
  • The scent is nice but not to strong so therefore its suitable for sensitive skin. It states that it is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic so it truly is a hand cream for all to enjoy!

But what makes it so amazing, you ask?!! Among it’s miracle-working ingredients are; white beeswax (known for its’ nourishing properties), Avene’s own Thermal spring water (which has an incredible soothing effect on skin) and an exclusive ingredient called sucralfate which is widely known for its healing powers. With these three ingredients, it’s safe to say that your hands are in safe…..er….hands?? Ha! 😉

This 50ml tub retails normally at 9.66 yo yos and can be purchased (along with other Avene products) in most pharmacies and selected health stores around Ireland. If you are interested in a full list of stockists you can find it on their website: http://www.avene.co.uk/

Swatch of the cream on my hand

That’s all for now guys, I really hope you enjoyed this short review. And I’d love to hear if you’ve tried out this product and if so, what your thoughts are! Oh and also, If you have any other favourite Avene products, please tell me! 🙂

Also, if you have a product that you are interested in me reviewing and would like to send me a sample etc… leave me a comment below or you can email me @ sleepingbootay@yahoo.ie and we can sort something out! 🙂

Thaaanks again for reading guys and until next time, Byeeee! Kx 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Avene “Cold Cream” Hand cream Review! Oooh-eerr!

    1. Yeah Neutrogena is awesome too.. I just prefer Avene products cause they suit my extremely sensitive skin more! 🙂

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