Another day…another tag: “About me Tag”

Yes I have too much time on my hands…here’s ANOTHER tag.. and today it’s a general tag with questions aimed to “get to know me”


Sooo now that we have the obligatory posey picture (lol) counted for lets get on to the questions.. here we go!

1. Do you have a middle name? My full name is Kate Rebecca Monica Higham
2. What is your Favorite subject in school? In secondary school (high school), I absolutely loved languages.. especially French and Spanish. And I also loved English. In college (university) though I actually became really fond of Geography and Global Inequality studies.
3. Whats your Favorite drink? Tea.. without a doubt is probably one of the best things in the world.. I drink it constantly throughout the day..NOM!
4. What is your Favorite song at the moment? This is such a hard question to answer cause I listen to music all the time. The artists I seem to be listening to most this week though are Drake, Jay Z, The Strokes and RHCP.
5. What would you name your kids? I never really like telling people this as it’s something I’d like to keep secret until the time comes ha!
6. Do you participate in any sports? Ha! No!, I’m not a very sporty person at all! When I was younger I used to be involved in so many sports, I used to be on a Basketball team and I also did Ballet for 7 years. Nowadays though I just like going for walks.. I know I’m very boring ha!
7. Favorite Book? Again, this is very hard to say as I’m a complete bookworm. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult.. I have all of her books and I literally love every single one of them. At the moment, I’ve jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon..and I’ve gotta admit… I’m a teeeny bit obsessed. I also really love The Help, The colour purple, One day, When God was a rabbitt…aaaah there’s too many to choose from ha!
8. Favorite Color? Turquoise has been my favourite since I was little. I just find myself drawn to anything turquoise all the time. I also love emerald green and kind of maroon purplely colours.
9. Favorite Animal? PIGS!! I am an incredible creep when it comes to pigs.. I just love them so so much. I’m on a mission to get a micro pig..and I’m trying to convince everybody and anybody to buy me one! Apart from pigs, I’m also hugely obsessed with cats…and they are probably more of a realistic pet ha! Oh and I love Orangutans…and well all monkeys in general!
10. Favorite Perfume? I think I mentioned this in my last Tag.. My favourite all-time perfume has got to be D&G no.3.. I can’t even praise this perfume enough. I’d be lost without it! If you haven’t smelled this perfume.. please go and smell it now…seriously..leave your laptop and just go! Ha!
11. Favorite Holiday? I’m guessing they mean like festive holiday…and I have the usual boring answer…CHRISTMAS! I mean what’s not to love about christmas.. I also love that time of year because it’s my birthday the day after extra presents hahaa..WOW i sound so greedy and materialistic!
12. Have you graduated high school? Yes I sure have…aaaand university.. I’m now out in the big bad world..:(
13. Have you ever been out of the country? if so how many times? Yes I have, and emmmm… i’m not sure but over 15 times i’d say!
14. Do you speak any other language? I used to study Irish, French and Spanish in secondary school and then I went on to study Spanish in University so yeah I can speak a good bit of each of those… but I’m a bit rusty!
15. How many siblings do you have? Just the one Brother Bear.. he’s a year and a half younger than me.. but A LOT taller..ha!
16. What is your favorite store? For clothes, i’d have to say Topshop ooorr Urban Outfitters. Make-up and beauty product  wise I love MAC, Boots and Lush. I would happily roam around any of those stores for hours on end…
17. Favorite restaurant?  Eddie Rockets.. I don’t even need to hesitate! Cheese Fries… just yes!
18. Do you like school? Yeah I did actually! At the time.. I couldn’t wait to be finished and “grown up” but now looking back.. i actually kind of miss it.. and seeing my friends every single day!
19. Favorite youtuber? I don’t have just one single favourite. I love BeautyCrush, Uglyfaceofbeauty, sototallyvlog, Thepersianbabe, Sprinkleofglitter,the pixiwoo sisters and pixi2woo, voussontbeautetbelle…ah there’s just way too many! I watch YouTube too much ha!
20. Favorite movie? Of all all time… The Jungle Book! I am just OBSESSED! Infact, I’m obsessed with all Disney films to be fair!
21. Favorite TV show?  Again this is so hard to choose.. I LOVE Sex and the City, Will & Grace, Gossip Girl, Misfits, Skins, The Office, IT crowd, Peep Show, Dexter, New Girl, Oprah, Ellen de generes, Friends, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park.. the list is endless!
22. PC or Mac? PC… I can just about manage this laptop as it is.. lets just say, I’m not the best at technology
23. What kind of phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy SII….and I know nothing about it or any other phone, ha so don’t even ask me about it!
24. How tall are you? 5″4 and a wee bit… that wee bit counts!

Okay so that’s it my hands are sore from typing! I hope that wasn’t too long or boring for you. Again, I tag all of my followers and like the last one, if you do the tag please leave it in a link below!

Have fun and thanks for reading! Bye! Kx 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Another day…another tag: “About me Tag”

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! Thanks for doing the tag! Just read yours there..and really enjoyed it! Love your blog too! 🙂

  1. Love your tag post and your blog! I’m unreasonably excited that you can speak some Irish, I’ve been planning to teach myself more than “hi how are you” in Irish for ever! Did you find it difficult?
    Also I’m so with you on the micro pig thing, no-one seems to understand how serious my need is to own one at some point! (Micro hedgehogs too. Just…so much adorableness!)
    Thanks for the follow too by the way x

    1. Haha wow that comment made me smile so much (so firstly thank you so much for that) Oh wow you so should, Irish is a cute little language. It is pretty tough to learn as it is so completely different to every other language and there are so many grammer rules.Because I’m from Ireland, I’ve been doing Irish in school since I was 6 until I was 17 so it was kinda drilled into me ha! But like everything else, when you don’t practice it, it kind of fades away.:( Ahh i’m happy to hear somebody who appreciates the cuteness of micro pigs and animals in general.. some people just don’t get it! And no problem at all.. your blog is awesome so keep the posts coming! 🙂

  2. Loved the Help. It was a fantastic book, and the movie did it justice. Never been able to sit down with a jodi picoult book, but maybe its about time i try. My boss at coach had a pig, she was the sweetest animal ever- she used to tell me that the pig behaved better than her husband most of the time. gotta love it! haha!

  3. Thank you for you engaging, informative material. I believe many of the views you have mentioned in your article are sound and unique. It’s obvious you are a talented writer.

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