Short and Sweet Review: Sally Hansen’s “Double Duty” Base & Top Coat

Hey guuuys!

Today’s review is going to be nice and short,… cause personally I think there is only so much that you can say about a nail-polish!

Today I am reviewing a recently new product of mine: the Sally Hansen “Double Duty” Strengthening Base & Top coat and it is, in all honestly YUMMY!…. not literally of course… as you should never under any circumstances eat nail polishes… :/ Anyway…moving on.. This is one of those products that make you want to contact the creator and just say a huge Thaaaaaanks! (and I just might do that) I’ve been looking for a good base coat for quite some time now as I tend to paint my nails, if not every single day then every second day. Base coats are important as they  can stop your nails from becoming stained from the nail polish and also to protect it from all the chemicals that you are constantly applying and removing. You’re nails need love too y’know!

Hallelujah for Sally! Oh and my nail polish is by Barry hallejujah for him too! 🙂

This product is an excellent base coat.. it glides on easily, it doesn’t gloop and most importantly it dries very quickly. It’s also great because it allows my choice of nail polish colour to go on a lot more smoothly and I think (unless I’m imagining things) that it actually enhances the colour too!

Now as a top coat, I don’t have a lot to say, because I think to be honest, that a top coat is a top coat regardless of its brand. I mean, they all do the same task as far as my experience has gone with them. What I will say is that this top coat made my nails very shiney and I’ve been wearing the same colour for the past two days (shock horror) and it has not chipped even the tiniest bit! Overall, it was a very pleasant top coat..awww!

As regards to the strengthening side to this polish, I can’t yet confirm that it has actually strengthened my nails… I guess time will only tell. However, my nails are in pretty good condition anyway at the moment thanks to Perfectil supplements that I’ve been taking daily, so perhaps the strengthening aspect of this polish would benefit someone looking to improve their nail polish. So let me know if you’ve tried it and have seen any astonishing results?!

Overall, I really really like this nail polish. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good quality base coat or who is looking to toughen up their nails. I wouldn’t personally buy it if you were just looking for a topcoat alone as there are so many cheaper options available that do the same job.. but this product is another one of those great multi-task products that are so handy to have..especially if you were travelling.

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this polish at all. Even the price is very reasonable at only 5.99 ( price may vary depending on shop) and I can imagine that I shall be re-purchasing in the future!

Three cheers for Sally! 

Would love to hear if any of you have used this product OR any other of her nail polishes..and what you’re thoughts are.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a really lovely day! And until next time Byeee! 🙂

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