The Body Shop’s “Beauty with Heart” launch party….Eeeeep!

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I attended an INSANELY EXCITING event held by The Body Shop to celebrate the launch of their new range “Beauty with Heart”. which is a new beauty movement which aims to “create a community of individuals who are united in their belief that beauty is more than skin deep”.

Background info:

They claim that this new movement “Beauty with Heart” is the combined power of:

  • Looking Good: by using products that are powered by nature and are rich in the highest quality ingredients
  • Feeling Good: as a result of the textures and fragrances that burst out of The Body Shop products and onto the skin
  • Doing Good: by using a brand that concentrates on helping others through its Community Fair Trade programme, its campaigns , its commitment to animal welfare and its endeavour to Protect The Planet.
All in all, The Body Shop pretty much stands up for everything I believe in. As a loyal vegetarian and a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I appreciate a company that not only wants to create products that make you feel good on the outside.. but also on the inside. I like that, when you buy these products you are doing good to your body AND  for some really good causes too!
The Event itself

As I entered the store, I was greeted at the door with champagne (enough said)…and we were spoiled with cake, sweeties, chocolate fountain, strawberries… It’s pretty much like they peeked into my brain.. and took out all the things I love and popped them on a pretty table… HEAVEN!

Some of the sweeties on offer.. NOM

“Shampoo Hair & Beauty” were also at the event.. available to do up yo’ barnett and make it all perty . I was lucky enough to get my hair curled by a lovely friendly hairdresser…Loved it so much I’m considering purchasing the Babyliss curling wand. ..what do you guys think?

Me with my huuuur all did!! What do you guys think?

We were then seated and given a presentation about the event.. I felt VERY professional I can tells ya.

PR Information that accompanied the presentation… oh-er…professional…

Here are some of the things that I learned:

  1. Their Body butters are their best selling product with one sold every 2 seconds..and I can see why… they are dayum delicious! We also learned that the body butters are produced just like chocolate! The raw ingredients are warmed to a high temperature before being put into jars and then cooled to create a firm consistency. I found this point particularly interesting just because they mentioned chocolate (lol)
  2. All products are 100% vegetarian friendly (which was good news for my veggie self)
  3. All brushes are made from synthetic hair instead of goats hair
  4. Lots of make-up brands use bug-shells (ew) to create the pigments in their products … however The Body Shop uses a cruelty-free ingredient called mica ( a synthetic ingredient).. which gives you a sexy (and guilt-free) glow! 🙂
Presentation of the new range

We then, were treated to a mini-make-up tutorial using Lily Cole’s (who is the new face of The Body Shop) new make-up collection. Included in that collection is: a pearl radiance primer, shimmer cubes and Lip and Cheek Domes. Personally I’m dying to try them all out!

Make-up tutorial

Oooh and top tip from the MUA herself: When applying liquid eyeliner… apply it in small dots along the upper lash line to create a straight and smooth line. I found this really helpful as I find liquid eyeliner the trickiest to apply.

Throughout the evening we were given the chance to sample all the new (and old) products and ask as many questions as we wanted. New products that have been introduced include: New body butters, body mists, beautifying oils for body, face and hair and the  Lily Cole make-up collection.

The new Body Mists range: which comes in scents such as Coconut, Mango and Strawberry! mmmm
The old favourites: Body Butters… all newly packaged and what not

Whilst at the event, I got to mingle with some fellow Irish beauty bloggers…and was lucky to meet to such lovely ones: Laura from WhatLarryLoves and Celeste from MadamesMadeUp..(I’ll leave their links below….check them out they are fabulous)

From left: Laura (whatlarryloves), Celeste( Madamesmadeup) and myself (Sleepingbootay)

To top the night off nicely, we were kindly given a goodie back each filled with some of the new products from their range.. I may have squealed a little but I don’t care… I was stupidly excited! The goodie bag included full-sized versions of:

  • Their new Coconut Body Mist
  • Their new Mango Body Mist
  • Their new Shea Beautifying Oil
  • A pearl radiance primer from the new Lily Cole make-up collection.
  • A “The Body Shop” bag for life.. to carry all the sexy shizz in! 🙂
Goody bag goodies…mmmmm
I’ll be doing a separate review on these products in another blog post so keep your peepers peeled for that one!

All in all it was an absolutely fabulous night and I feel so lucky to have been able to attend! The Body Shop definitely gets  a huge sleepingbootay thumbs up! Three cheers for The Body Shop!! 🙂 HURRAH!

If you’d like to read more about their new campaign, head on  over to their website to check out more of their new range:

And here are the two links of the lovely bloggers that I met: Be sure to check them out and send them my love!

Okay so that’s all for now folks, really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! Would love to hear from you if you have been to any Body Shop events or please tell me what your favourite Body Shop products are.

Until Next time, Bye Kx:)

Oh and PS: If you haven’t already entered my new Giveaway featuring Lush products, head on over now to enter.. the clocks-a-tickin’

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11 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s “Beauty with Heart” launch party….Eeeeep!

    1. Aww no! 😦 Yeah I had a really good time! Would be awesome to meet you, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for some more events! 🙂

    1. Oh I really did! Such a really fun night! I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop and I got to meet some fellow beauty bloggers too! Aw and thank you so much! My hair is naturally curly.. but I always have it straight.. it was nice to have it professionally curled! 🙂

    1. Yeah it was a really good evening now! Really enjoyed myself! Ah not to worry, there’ll be loads of events in the future! 🙂

  1. Looks like a great event!…I wish we had an event like this in Australia. love the body shop. My favourite perfume was Moon Flower, but it’s not available any more 😦

    1. Hi there! Yeah it was really fun and so nice to meet fellow bloggers! Aw no thats a pity! 😦

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