Happy Soles

Hey guys,

Okay at the risk of sounding like I have a dodgy foot fetish ( which I can assure you, I certainly do not) I’d like to say that, I appreciate a good looking foot… Wow.. okay there really is no un-weird way of saying that!

What I mean is, there’s nothing worse than seeing someones ugly foot. As summer is approaching, we all tend to want to show off our feet a tad more. This means they need to be suitable for a public appearance.

Here are a few tips to get some happy soles… see what I did there… 😉

Your happy soles kit (what you’ll need for happy feet):

  • A nail scissors/ nail clippers
  • Foot file like the Ped Egg or a pumice stone
  • Nail file
  • Toe seperaters
  • Foot cream
  • Heel cream
  • Foot soak
  • Nail varnish of your choice
A quick pedicure:
  1. Remove any polish from your toes, give your feet a good buff to get rid of any yucky dry skin. To do this you could use a foot file or a pumice stone that you can buy in pretty much all pharmacies. I use the Ped Egg as its really quick and painless.
  2. Next soak your feet in warm water with a nice refreshing foot soak… foot soaks do not need to be expensive but its always nice to buy something that has a fresh minty scent.
  3. Next its time to cut those toe nails. A top tip to avoid the risk of ingrown nails is to cut the nail straight across and not too short. After clipping/cutting your nails, carefully file the nail so that the edges are smooth.
  4. Then, slip a toe separator between your toes to avoid smudging the nail polish whilst it dries. Apply a base coat to avoid staining and then apply a few coats of your favourite nail polish. Personally I prefer darker colours on my toe nails such as reds and deep pinks such as Rimmel’s “Double Decker Red” and Nails Inc “Hampstead Heath”.
  5. Finally, once your nails are completely dry, rub a generous amount of heel cream to  your heels to stop cracked heels. (I use Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius, which works amazingly and smells great too). Then finish by applying an every day foot cream all around your feet, massaging gently to relax your feet.
Aaaand you’re done! It’s recommended to repeat this short pedicure once a week to keep them in tip top condition.
That’s all for now guys, hope you enjoyed these short tips.
If any of you have any tips on how to care for your feet or any products you would recommend, please leave them in a comment below!
Until next time guys, thanks for reading, Bye Kx:)
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11 thoughts on “Happy Soles

  1. Love this post!! I hate when my feet look like trotters! I’ll definitely be adopting this quick routine!! xx

  2. another thing I like is popping a few marbles in a bucket of your foot soak and rolling your feet over them. It’s like a mini massage. Also I like to use a foot scrub as well after the pumice. A bit of raw sugar or epsom salts mixed with a little bit of almond oil and a few drops of essential oil e.g. peppermint. Apply mix and rub over feet and heels and up ankle. Then wash off. It’s such a nice feeling having smooth feet and heels.

    1. Wow, they were some really great tips.. defo gonna try the marbles! Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m the same. I get so lazy with my feet.. especially in the winter.. but as soon as it gets near summer i always get some motivation! ha! 🙂

    1. Ha yeah I’m the same, i think we all tend to neglect our feet in the winter..and then spruce them up again once the sun comes out!

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