Viviscal Giveaway Winner! Hurrah!

Hey Guys,

This is going to be a reeeeeaally short post (I mean it this time, I swear) as I’m sorta supposed to be getting ready for work. But I had to just come on here and let you guys know that the winner of my Viviscal giveaway has been randomly selected and I am happy to announce that the winner is:

Franno from “The Happenings and Non-Happenings of Franno (


CONGRATULATIONS!! When you see this could you please email me all your details (such as your full name and address) to so I can send you on your prize!

I want to thank er’body who entered and once again, to all you lovely followers out there! I will be doing lots more giveaways in the future so please do keep your peepers peeled for that!

Okay,I’m off to get all uniformed up and have a sneeky cup of pre-work tea!

Mmmm tea

Thanks for reading, Bye! Kx:)

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Writer. Reader. Caffeine Addict.

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