Review: Real Techniques Brushes: Starter Set

Real techniques Starter Set

Hey Guys,

As you can tell from the pretty self-explanatory title, this is another review. Last week I made a sneeky purchase on one of my fav beauty sites and I love them so much that I have to share them with you! Yes, It’s the Real Techniques’s Starter Set, which basically consists of all the essential eye brushes you could ever need.

  • Base Shadow Brush: ” applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour”
Real techniques Base Shadow Brush
  • Deluxe Crease Brush: “soft, oversized design for effortless contouring”
Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush
  • Accent Brush: “designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging”
Real Techniques Accent Brush
  • Pixel-point Eyeliner brush: ” tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application”
Real Techniques Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
  • Brow Brush: “distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows”
Real Techniques Brow Brush
  • Panoramic Case: ” dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organised on your counter or on the go”
Real Techniques Panoramic Brush Case

Like all the Real Techniques’ brushes, the softness of the brushes are like no other I’ve ever tried.  They are also cruelty-free and are made from synthetic fibres so they are easy to clean and dry nice and quick!

The brushes are versatile and I’ve found that they can be used for multiple needs:

  • Brow brush can also double up as an eyeliner brush
  • Deluxe crease brush would make a great concealer brush
  • The Accent brush would be useful as a lip brush too!

As I’ve already said above, these brushes also come with a nifty case to keep them in. At home I tend to store my brushes in containers and holders on my dressing table so they are easy to just grab when I’m doing my make-up however, the case is so handy to pop into your bag or to bring travelling with you. There’s also space on the other side of the case where you can add bigger brushes such as a powder or blush brush.  The case also doubles up as a stand, so if you do want to keep the brushes in their case you can still display them on your dressing table! 🙂

In Ireland, real techniques brushes are available in most major Boots stores and some pharmacies. This set cost me 23 yo yos on one of my favourite beauty sites: I believe that this is money well spent as they are  great quality for the price you pay..and it helps that they look pretty too! 😉

I’ve already tried their blush, powder and stippling brush…so let me know if you’d like a review on any of those brushes and I’d be more than happy to review them for you. Next on my list is the core collection set which is also around 23 yo yos.

Overall these brushes  get a huge Sleepingbootay thumbs up and I can tell they will be a beauty must have for quite some time! 🙂

Another product worthy of a Sleepingbootay Thumbs up! 🙂

Let me know if you have tried any of the Real Techniques brushes and which one is your favourite! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys,

Until next time, Bye Kx:)

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7 thoughts on “Review: Real Techniques Brushes: Starter Set

  1. Hey Kate! I’m such a huge fan of Real techniques brushes! I have this kit too and the stippling brush and I love them all, I only wish some of the brushes in the sets were available separately so that I could buy doubles without wasting the others that I don’t use as much! I’m mad about the deluxe crease brush, isn’t it the best for blending! Love the detailer brush too! And I can’t even remember what I did before the stippling brush! Gotta add the blush, setting and powder brushes to my collection too!

    Emma x

    1. Ah I completely agree with you! Hopefully now that they are so successful they might start selling single sets. I want another crease brush and base shadow brush.. always handy to have more than one. You should definitely get the powder brush.. best one I’ve ever used and it is ridiculously soft on your face..mmm… ha! 🙂

    1. Yeah the stippling brush is probably one of my favourite.. so good for foundation application! Oh and yeah you should.. such good eye brushes! Let me know what you think if you do get them! 🙂 xx

  2. Real Techniques brushes are great! I got mine at, If anyone’s interested to get some, I have a discount code for first time customers, use QER242 to get a $10 off your entire purchase.:) I always look for discount codes when I buy something online so, I hope this helps.:)

  3. Great product, flawless application. Cheap price but high quality, a must have for any make up guru! Anyone who has doubts should check the pixiwoo channel on you tube where these are used all the time.

    If you’d like to buy you should check out were i bought the stippling brush and core expert brush for just usd20 including shipping thanks to a discount code i used: PWJ681 so as to get usd5 off.

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