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How often do we really truly follow the sell by or use by dates on products? I know for one, when food goes out of date, I throw it away. But when it comes to make-up…. I tend to lack in that area!What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in it so we need to take care when it comes to cleaning out our make-up stash.

We are all guilty of trying to squeeze the very last of a product or over-using a coveted product to the bone..not to mention not cleaning our brushes regularly enough. There’s simply nothing worse than a flaky mascara or a cake-y, dry concealer yet we still manage to hold on to them for dear life. With no bad smell or mould.. there’s nothing to really indicate the expiration of our products but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. So how can we tell if your product is fit for the bin??

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I’ve done quite a lot of research (snooping) and I decided to combine a teeny series of guidelines to insure you detox your make-up bag appropriately.

  • Foundation: Water based foundation= up to 1year while oil based formulas can last up to 18 months. Try to stick to foundations that come with a pump as these are the most hygienic and best at keeping bacteria at bay.
  • Powder: Pressed powder can last up to 18months however those of the loose variety need to be thrown out after a year. Any powder that comes with a sponge or “puff” needs extra attention… the sponge does not necessarily need to be thrown away but you do need to keep it clean and bacteria free… give it a wee wash about once a week.
  • Blusher: these have the life span of about a year.. you’ll be able to tell they are ready to retire as they start to become quite dry and cake-y and hard to apply. You can get more time out of cream blushers as the oil and water ingredients help to preserve it for longer.
  • Eye-shadow: Roughly about 1-2 years.
  • Concealer: This product needs to be used within a year.. but you need to be particularly careful with this product as it tends to harvest the most germs and bacteria. One of the most popular uses for concealer is to conceal blemishes and spots.. every time you apply concealer (especially if it comes with an applicator) you are spreading this bacteria all over again. I would recommend cleaning this applicator every few times.. or using a separate concealer brush all together..which you can clean alongside your other make-up brushes.
  • Mascara: Poor little mascara has the shortest life span of them all, needing to be replaced after just only 3 months. It’s very important you follow this expiration date seriously as mascara wands are the top hosts for bacteria and can cause some pretty nasty eye infections (trust me). A good tip to tell if your mascara has had its day.. is to listen for the “Pop” when you open your mascara tube.. if there is none… BIN IT!!
  • Lipstick/ lipbalm/ lipgloss: This is where it gets a bit vague. The recommended expiration date for lip products is under two years. However there are some exceptions to the rule. If you have suffered from a cold sore.. or mouth blister and applied a certain lipstick during this time, it is advised to get rid of this lipstick all together as it can carry the bacteria that came with said blister or cold-sore and can cause it to come back if you re-use the product. Try to resist sharing lip-balms or lip products in general with others as you just never know what germs you can be passing back and forth.

Top Tip: when deciding if your product is past its sell by date is to look at the actual packaging itself. Most products generally indicate its shelf life right on their very own packaging. All you need to do is too look for this little symbol:


The number indicates the amount of months and the letter stands for the measurement of time. In this case this picture indicates that the product is suitable for use for up to 12 months.

36M would stand for 36months and so on and so forth… It’s SIMPLES! 🙂

And that’s it! If you follow these pretty simple guidelines and pay closer attention to what your products’ packaging tells you, your make-up stash should be bacteria-free in no time.

I’d love to hear from you and your make-up detox routine. How often do you change your make-up? Or if you don’t, do you find that it has any effects on your skin?  Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys,

Until next time…Bye Kx:)

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Product Detox

    1. Ha no problem. It’s something that I only learned myself recently but it’s really helpful to keep in mind when buying products. Thanks for reading and for your comment! 🙂 x

  1. I know about this makeup expiration dates and stuff… But still, I hold onto them… I have things that are about 3 years old and I still can’t let go off them 😦

  2. I never hold onto my makeup, well almost never. I have a fear of getting an infection, esp with mascara. I religiously change my mascara every 8-10 weeks. But I’m a little less crazy about lip products. I stop using them, but they just sit there for years. I have some weird nostalgia for them or feel bad that I used it twice and it’s so nice, like Chanel lipsticks, or have pretty packaging.

  3. Funny that this was your most recent post as I just did a MASSIVE make up clear out! Like I had 20 mascaras that I haven’t used in years .. Tons of lipsticks that were empty and don’t get me started on my eyeliner … I don’t even wear eyeliner ?! I had green, purple, blue, white, sparkley ones .. The list goes on!! ALL DUMPED NOW! But why do we hold onto things? Little bit strange ! Anyway I enjoyed reading through your blog .. Can’t wait for the next post 🙂

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