Limitless Beauty: The Perma-Smile

As the famous lyrics preach”You’re never fully dressed without a smile”, but how far will you go to turn that frown upside down?

Why so serious??
Why so serious??

“Smile surgery” (valentine anguloplasty) is just another one of 2013’s crazy beauty trends which is sadly becoming more and more popular around the world. Originating in South Korea, it is a cosmetic procedure whereby the corners of your lips are pulled upwards by slicing and rearranging the muscles that want to pull them down. The result? A permanent smile.

“Why so serious?” no more!

This surgery (or “lipt” as it has now been dubbed) is most popular around those in their 20’s and 30’s and specifically amongst those in jobs dealing with the public which requires them to “offer service with a smile”. This sort of surgery is not unusual in South Korea where some women will go to extreme lengths in an attempt to look more “Western”. In fact, when adjusted for population size, South Korea has the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery procedures performed, according to a report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  The surgery promises a more “pleasant, memorable expression” that is “gentle and bright”. According to one of the surgeons Taek Keun Kwon, “A drooping mouth ‘gives off gloomy and melancholy impression”. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are all often diagnosed with the odd bitchy face but this is a classic case of when beauty becomes too much!

Chronic bitch face syndrome

Like all plastic surgeries, happiness is definitely not guaranteed and there are risks involved. For one, the procedure could go wrong and cause a crooked smile or after time, it could cause the muscles around the mouth to weaken, causing dribbling or interference with speech. Glamorous eh?

The disturbing  before and after pics are shown in this promotional YouTube video:

It remains to be seen, how popular this “Joker-like smile” will become here in Ireland but personally, I’d prefer to retain the ability to express a broader range of emotions. After all, there are cheaper, safer and less crazy ways to achieve that permanent smile:

micro pigs

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