Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Deodorant; My Thoughts

Dr organic manuka honey deodorant

Every now and again on a beauty blog, pretty nail polishes and fab lipsticks need to make way for necessary items like deodorant. There is nothing glam about it but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it. I’ve always been empathetic when its come to buying deodorant, I usually buy whatever is on offer in my local supermarket and that’s the end of it. A couple of weeks ago, all that changed. I’ve always heard about the benefits of using organic, natural deodorants over regular chemical deodorants and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

Dr.organic has a very impressive range of deodorants with lots of tempting scents to choose from but I went for the manuka honey scent which promised to “nourish and restore”.  With ingredients such as manuka honey, aloe Vera, Icelandic moss, vitamin e and sunflower seed oil..it does just that!

My absolute favourite thing about this deodorant is that it smells so good, a scent that sticks around all day and not your typical chemical deodorant either! Furthermore, it actually soothes my skin, especially after I have shaved. There’s no stingy or uncomfortable feeling at all!

Another great point is that the formula itself is clear so that means no pesky white stains on your clothes, hurrah!!

If that wasn’t enough to have you convinced, this deodorant is all natural with no nasties whatsoever. It doesn’t contain any aluminium or parabens and is SLS and alcohol free! They’ve also introduced a non-clogging formula which I can testify actually works.  You can reapply this bad boy as much as you want and you won’t feel any yucky build-up!

The only negative I found with this deodorant is that the packaging isn’t the most travel-friendly as it is quite heavy and bulky, so definitely not one for your handbags ladies!

I bought mine for €6.99 in Holland & Barrett but you can find it in most good health stores nation wide and online. What are you waiting for.. It’s the bzzzzzzness, geddit? 😉

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