Lush D’Fluff Shaving Soap; My Thoughts!

Lush D'Fluff shaving soap review

Let’s be real here, there are some parts of the beauty world that are perhaps not the most “beautiful”. I personally throw hair removal into this category. Hair removal is not only a chore but also a little dull, however, we all have armpits and most of us like to keep them hair free! The dilemma starts when we turn to the method used to do this. I prefer shaving and therefore struggle on a constant basis to find the right shaving cream. For years, I’ve bought “sensitive” range shaving foams from the drugstore, never really being quite happy with them but they kind of did the job so I continued to re-purchase. My skin was always left feeling irritated and a little sore after shaving making the whole process not only a chore but also something a little painful!

*enter Lush to answer all of my prayers*

What’s so great about it?

Here’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years; shaving foams/ soaps actually dry out your skin which in turn worsens irritation. *Slaps self on forehead*  Despite being labelled a soap, D’Fluff is nothing at all like a soap and in reality more like a rich cream. Because of this, the formula coats the skin rather than dries it out and doubles up a moisturiser. No more irritation for my poor pins, Hurray!

In terms of the scent, it’s pretty mild and not too overpowering and it leaves your bathroom smelling amazing, which in my books is always a plus!

The tubs may look a little small, but just the teensiest bit goes a long way. Getting to know the right amount to use is definitely a learning curve, but once you’ve got the knack, even the smaller pot will last you up to a month!

I’ve been using this bad boy for over a month now and since then I have had no nasty shaving burn, no irritation and my skin has been smoother than ever! Something I thought i’d never be saying about a shaving product!

Lush D'Fluff shaving soap review

So what’s in it that makes it so good, eh?…

In true Lush style, this product contains an array of general loveliness:

  • strawberries; contains natural fruit acids to exfoliate and help get rid of dead skin.
  • rosehip oil; rich in vitamin C helping to restore the skin after the shave
  • cocoa butter; acts a rich moisturising agent that stops the skin from drying out
  • free range egg whites; clings to the hairs to help with a closer shave
  • golden syrup; works in conjunction with the egg whites for a quicker more precise shave
  • coconut oil; more and more moisturising benefits!

Yes, these all sound like ingredients of a delicious cake more so than a shaving cream, but I promise, they really do work! And no, you can’t eat it! (trust me!)

Would I buy it again?

Yes! I originally bought the smaller size as I was dubious to its claims..however, I’ve already made a note in my mental shopping list to grab the bigger size!.. it’s just THAT good!

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One thought on “Lush D’Fluff Shaving Soap; My Thoughts!

  1. with my sensitive skin issues, I really appreciate this review. i’ve wondered if i could use lush products. i currently avoid razors and use sally hansen wax, the kind with no strips.

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