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Sleepingbootay Reviews: Lush “Rudolf” Face Mask

I'm a lady of comfort and I'm all about the pampering! My favourite part of pampering has got to be face masks...Optimum results with minimal effort all the way!  On a recent visit to one of my favourite stores Lush, I had popped in to pick up a lip scrub and came out with their… Continue reading Sleepingbootay Reviews: Lush “Rudolf” Face Mask

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Sleepingbootay Reviews: Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream

So last week, I was leaving the house one morning to head to work and stumbled across a parcel for me! In it, was a full-sized sample of the new Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream to try out and review for this blog (this sorta thing never gets old!)  The excitement was almost too… Continue reading Sleepingbootay Reviews: Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream