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TAG: What’s in my make-up bag…??

Hey guys, So I've seen this type of post floating around on various blogs and I thought I would give it a whirl. Instead of doing an in-depth review of the make-up that I use daily/keep in my bag.. I'm just gonna go through them quickly. Saying that, if you do want me to do… Continue reading TAG: What’s in my make-up bag…??

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Another day…another tag: “About me Tag”

Yes I have too much time on my's ANOTHER tag.. and today it's a general tag with questions aimed to "get to know me" Sooo now that we have the obligatory posey picture (lol) counted for lets get on to the questions.. here we go! 1. Do you have a middle name?┬áMy full name… Continue reading Another day…another tag: “About me Tag”