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Beauty on a budget: The Make-up Edition

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your favourite glossy mag or catching up on a new blog post and coming across a product (or in my case products! ) that you feel you cannot live without....and then you see the hefty price tag. Eeeeek!  While I love to splurge on the "latest thing"… Continue reading Beauty on a budget: The Make-up Edition

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Eat your way to happier skin :)

I'm a firm believer in the motto " you are what you eat".  Beauty from the inside out. As a beauty blogger, we sometimes forget about what's underneath all those lovely beauty products that we have tried and tested and we often forget what effect all of these products can have on our skin. I… Continue reading Eat your way to happier skin 🙂

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Sleepingbootay Life: Don’t worry, be Happy?

I always say, if there was one thing I could change about myself, it would be to worry and stress less. I worry and stress about everything from the extreme right down to the teeniest of problems. I even find myself worrying about things that have not or probably never will happen. Sometimes the worry… Continue reading Sleepingbootay Life: Don’t worry, be Happy?

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Beauty Product Detox

How often do we really truly follow the sell by or use by dates on products? I know for one, when food goes out of date, I throw it away. But when it comes to make-up.... I tend to lack in that area!What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we… Continue reading Beauty Product Detox

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Hakuna Matata :)

In case you didn't already know.....It means no worries.. 😉 I'm a firm believer that Disney movies have the power to make you happy. Pair that with a huge mug of tea and a slice of cake..and that's pretty much eternal bliss sorted right there! If however you aren't so easily pleased as moi.. read… Continue reading Hakuna Matata 🙂

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Getting your Bootay Sleep…

Hi guys! Today I have a beauty tip for you that's completely and utterly FREE! Oh-er... It's the age old rule and a beauty secret that has been passed down for centuries.. that we all need our beauty sleep. It helps keep our skin looking fresh and our eyes all sparkly. However, I don't know… Continue reading Getting your Bootay Sleep…

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Beauty and the (stress) Beast

Hey Guys, So today I was thinking about stress and how prominently it exists in our world today. Personally, I get stressed so much, even over the teeniest of things and I know from experience that this stress has some undesirable effects. Of course stress can cause some dangerous health effects such as heart problems, high blood pressure,… Continue reading Beauty and the (stress) Beast